TikTok’s Influence on Travellers Increased by 10% in 2022

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  TikTok's Influence on Travellers Increased by 10% in 2022

Excerpt from Travel Weekly

TikTok has grown to the seventh largest social media network in the world in recent years and in 2022 its influence on travellers increased by 10 per cent according to a recent survey by MMGY Global.

The app has been linked to having an early influence on travellers, meaning that many companies have shifted their marketing focus to the platform that presents its audience with short, engaging videos to advertise as their latest getaway or flight deal.

“Early decision making is where a lot of our respondents talk about how TikTok influences their decision of where to go and where to stay,” Clayton Reid, CEO, MMGY Global said.

The survey states 34 per cent were influenced by the app. Whereas Google, he continued, “has moved down in some ways” when speaking to Skift.

Many business’ in the travel sector have used TikTok to reach a global audience due to the nature of the app. Accounts with a small following have equal opportunity to go viral and receive massive engagement because of the way algorithm rewards creativity and uniqueness.

A recent post on Booking.com’s TikTok account racked up 7.4 million views, over 30 times its follower base of 233 thousand.

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