This Is the Most Expensive Destination for a Family Vacation

If you’re heading on vacation with your family soon, you might be wondering how far your money will go in this economy.

U.K. price comparison site Compare the Market researched the most expensive destinations to take a family of four on vacation (two adults and two children), and Orlando, Florida topped the list, Fox Business reported.

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Orlando, which boasts several family-friendly theme parks and tourist attractions, will set a family of four back an average of $7,350 for a seven-night stay, per the study.

During peak season, a family of that size can expect to pay $4,138 for accommodations, $3,148 for activities and approximately $64 per day for other costs.

VISIT Florida estimates that the state saw 35.1 million visitors between July and September 2022 — a 6.9% increase from Q3 2021 and the fifth consecutive quarter of total visitation exceeding pre-pandemic figures.

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Compare the Market’s study found that Rovaniemi, Finland and Gold Coast, Australia are the two next-most-expensive family vacation destinations with average total price tags of $7,082 and $6,620, respectively.

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