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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — We’ve been talking a lot about travel for the past few weeks, because it seems everyone is talking about taking a long awaited vacation.  Today we invited Roni Fishkin from Mann Travels to share some hot destinations with us. “People are excited about travelling so I have taken a look at all the industry lists (where to go in 2023) and came up with a few that destinations that show up on multiple radars” says Fiskin.

 First up is ISRAEL. We all know it’s always been a destination for people of many faiths for the historic and religious reasons but now it’s turned into a culinary destination with amazing food and beautiful resorts for those that want outdoor adventure too. Fishkin tells us, “it’s hard to come up with a country that has more diversity and interesting experiences packed into such a small place.”

Another destination people are raving about is Japan. Japan has been so popular in part because the Olympic games were held in Tokyo in 21 and because there was so much pent up demand. Fishkin adds: “Remember Asia was closed longer than any other part of the globe during the pandemic, but it’s so popular now. Land trips, and cruises around the entire island are a great way to see the whole country.”

 If you want a foreign destination but don’t want to travel very far then you are not alone.  Lots of people can’t imagine that long a flight or being so far from home. “I think that’s one reason why Portugal has gotten so popular” says Fishkin. Imagine gorgeous scenery along the Douro river and amazing wines with plenty of history. Another great destination is Colombia, South America. Big cities like Cartagena and Bogota are attracting lots of people and the countryside and islands are a great vacation spot.

 Finally, if you want something within driving distance then look no further than the Carolinas.  There are lots of places in driving distance from Charlotte that make these lists. Of course, Charleston is only three hours away and filled with history, great food, shopping and beaches . Also, Asheville just a couple of hours to our west. Or perhaps you may want to travel a little further like Virginia.  Alexandria is a great spot to walk the cobblestone streets and have easy access to wineries to the north and how about Nashville or MemphisTennessee is not an impossible drive for us and those cities offer great barbecue, great music, great time!

Still unsure where you want to go, check out their Travel Show at The Charlotte Convention Center on February 18th.

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