From the Cayman Islands to Jamaica, 15 Tiny Beach Resorts to Try

Tucked-away bungalows on a minuscule island in Cayman. A secret oasis in St Barth. An eco-retreat on a perfect stretch of white sand. These are the tiny beach resorts we all dream about during months of endless blizzards.  

So what do we mean by tiny beach resort? The formula is simple. The hotel has to be small, and no, we don’t mean “boutique” in the way some 100-room hotels now describe themselves. We mean tiny — think 20 rooms, or 10 rooms or 7 rooms. And the hotel has to be right on the beach — not a long stroll away, or set on a big cliff up the hill. Right on the beach. The rest is open to interpretation, because when you’re dealing with properties like these, no two are ever the same. 

jamaica beach resorts cayman islands

Southern Cross Club, Little Cayman, Cayman Islands This gem on lovable Little Cayman has 14 colorful bungalows on nearly 1,000 feat of blindingly white sand, in view of Owen Island. Set on Little Cayman’s South Hole Sound, it’s the castaway fantasy, with excellence Caribbean-fusion cuisine by Anu Christopher and an always-lively bar called Loggerhead. And did we mention it has some of the best diving in the Caribbean? 

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