26 Vacation Destinations To Enjoy Spring Break (Without The Crowds)

Cancun, Mexico, has always been a top vacation destination for spring breakers. Bordering the Caribbean Sea, this stunning holiday dreamland is known for its non-stop party atmosphere day and night, whether you’re on the beach or on the water. But, Cancun is also known for its absurd crowds and dodgy areas to avoid during a spring break escape, and with so many vacationers all in one place it can get a little too rowdy for some travelers.

However, those in search of a new place to spend spring break will be glad to know that there are a number of destinations that are just as thrilling as Cancun – as well as other top spring break hubs like Miami Beach and Cabo San Lucas – but without the overbearing crowds. While the Caribbean is a top pick for spring break, travelers should consider changing it up and check out other fascinating places in the USA, Europe, the Caribbean, and even South America. So, ditch the usual spring vacation spots this year and check out these 20 crowd-free vacation destinations perfect for spring break.

UPDATE: 2022/12/02 14:37 EST BY AARON SPRAY

More great locations without crowds for the spring break

The world is full of great places to go during spring break. This list was updated to include more excellent destinations around the world. Spice things up and look outside the United States and the near-aboard and visit South America or even Africa for the ultimate spring break.

Updated by Lauren Feather, January 10th, 2022: Discerning adventurers are seeking more and more unique destinations to spend their spring break, particularly those that are yet to be discovered by the crowds. Many tucked away from the hoards of tourists, and some so unobviously perfect they haven’t yet caught the attention of tourists, these diverse additions of even more worthy crowd-free destinations might just spark the interest of the most intrepid travelers in search of a new way to spend their spring break vacay.

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26/26 Barbados Has Gorgeous Beaches Without The Rowdy Crowds

Barbados offers travelers a number of beaches depending on how active vacationers want to get on their Spring Break trip. Bathsheba Beach is a popular beach for surfers with stunning rock formations all around, while Carlisle Bay is perfect for someone looking for calmer waters and a place to swim.

25/26 Santa Monica, California, Is The Perfect Beach Town

Spring Break doesn’t always have to be on some exotic island. Consider going to Santa Monica, California, where visitors will find the beautiful and fun Santa Monica State Beach and the famous Santa Monica Pier. Visitors will find loads of restaurants and rides on the pier and Pacific Park with its historic carousel.

24/26 Nevis Exudes Laid-Back Caribbean Charm Without The Hoards Of Tourists

The little sister of Saint Kitt’s, Nevis is one of the Caribbean’s most laid-back islands, where a relaxed lifestyle and slow pace of living delivers an irresistibly chillaxing and crowd-free retreat. Considered too quiet and chill for most party-hunting spring breakers, this perfect little island remains mostly untouched, offering holidaymakers a serene, peaceful vacation away from the hustle and bustle seen on many other Caribbean islands. And, along with zen-like culture and friendly locals here, the nation’s tasty local food alone is a good enough reason to spend a quality break here.

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23/26 Portland, Oregon, Is A Hotspot For Food Lovers

Portland, Oregon might not come to mind when travelers are thinking about a Spring Break vacation, but take into consideration the amazing restaurants, friendly people and cool vibe that this city offers. Portland is a very fun and lively area and visitors should make their way to the Pearl District for shopping and hip cafes.

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22/26 Bar Harbor, Maine’s Acadia National Park, Offers Beautiful Ocean Views

Bar Harbor is a beautiful part of the U.S. that more people should go and explore. This coastal town in Maine is rich with history, has a vibrant shopping scene and the scenic Acadia National Park features hiking trails of varying lengths so everyone can see its natural beauty. Of course, no trip is complete here without eating a lobster roll or two.

21/26 Lake Texoma, Texas And Oklahoma, Boasts The Best Of Both: Booming Parties And Tranquillity

Lake Texoma – one of the USA’s largest reservoirs – is situated on the Oklahoma-Texas border. Despite being am unconventional choice, its unfaltering beauty and peaceful tranquillity has seen it become a much-loved spring break spot. It’s only an hour north of Dallas, where a mighty 89,000 acres offer a spring break vacation that’s as party-wild or as quiet as one wishes it to be.

Spending spring break here is truly what one makes it, and those in search of a fun party scene will love the banks of Fobb Bottom, where many an awesome celebration takes place during the festive spring break season. On the other hand, spring breakers who desire a quiet camping and hiking retreat amidst nature along with glorious views will appreciate the many secluded spots along the lake’s bank, all which superb for fishing, picnicking, and pitching a tent.

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20/26 Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, Has A Lot To Offer

Hilton Head Island’s Atlantic Ocean beaches are pristine, mostly uncrowded, and a great place for families to relax and soak in the sun during spring break. For a typical seaside scene, visitors should make their way to Coligny Beach Park, which features many restaurants, attractions, and shops.

19/26 Bermuda In The Spring Is Clear Of Crowds

Visitors looking to go somewhere less crowded with more natural landscapes and pretty beaches should consider a trip to Bermuda. The island is known for its picturesque Horseshoe Bay Beach and its blend of British and American culture, which you’ll find in Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda.

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18/26 Dublin, Ireland Is A Lot Quieter In The Spring

If travelers don’t like hanging out in the blistering heat all day, they should consider a trip to Dublin, Ireland. There are countless things to do in this charming city, including partying in the iconic The Temple Bar, visiting the Guinness Storehouse Factory and visiting a number of striking castles and cathedrals. For outdoor enthusiasts, travelers must make their way to The Cliffs of Moher.

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17/26 Molokai Is Where Spring Breakers Can Find Peace And Serenity

Hawaii’s most popular cities, like Honolulu, and islands, like Oahu, can have too many commercial attractions, but the island of Molokai, the second smallest inhabited island in Hawaii, is where travelers will find plenty of outdoor adventure and stunning natural landscapes. Travelers will find beautiful sea cliffs, quiet white sand beaches, and lush rainforests all prime for photography and exploration.

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16/26 Guadeloupe Has A “European” Vibe

Guadeloupe has two main islands, Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre, and both islands have a lot to offer to travelers including secluded beaches, beautiful hiking areas and tons of water activities like snorkeling and diving. Travelers should make their way into the interior of the islands to find lush greenery with captivating waterfalls and hot springs.

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15/26 Mallorca Is Way More Relaxed Than Neighboring Ibiza

Mallorca is the largest island in all of Spain and is known for its pristine beaches and great Mediterranean weather. After a day on the beach, visitors should make their way to the capital city, Palma de Mallorca, where they’ll find a quaint Old Town, amazing dining options and the jaw-dropping sandstone cathedral, La Seu.

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14/26 The Cook Islands Are Overlooked

The Cook Islands are found in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, with the island of Rarotonga being the largest and most popular. There are so many outdoor activities to do here than relax on the beach like snorkeling, kayaking, and paddle boarding. For food, travelers will want to make their way to the Muri Night Markets for tasty homemade meals.

13/26 Destin, Florida Has Beautiful Sandy Beaches And A Terrific Nightlife

Destin, Florida is a great option for spring breakers who are looking for quiet and underrated beaches, and vacation destination away from rowdy Miami. Destin has beautiful beaches with numerous water activities like parasailing, fishing, and snorkeling. Nightlife in this city is just as good, with piano bars, live music and a plethora of restaurants.

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12/26 Big Bend National Park, Texas, Is Perfect For Serenity

Big Bend National Park is located in Texas and is a terrific getaway for someone looking for an outdoor adventure. Some of the best things to do here include hiking Santa Elena Canyon, take a dip in a hot spring and walk an easy trail for scenic views at Rio Grande Village.

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11/26 Dinosaur Valley State Park, Texas, Offers More Than Just Dinosaurs

A two-hour drive from Dallas sees visitors arrive at the nature-ridden park, which was once home to roaming dinosaurs back in the day. Another Texan unconventional spring break spot, but oh-so worth it, the Dinosaur Valley State Park affords a unique experience to those that venture to witness its majesty. Dinosaur tracks, dinosaur remnants, and a load of history make this place as fascinating as it is beautiful, but they aren’t the only attractions worthy of note – spring breakers can enjoy camping, mountain biking, hiking, and swimming in the Paluxy River in this huge park full of beautiful trails landscapes that’s too large and varied to ever be crowded.

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10/26 Grand Cayman Boasts Perfect Beaches And Is A Shopaholic’s Dream

Many major hubs offer short and direct flights to Grand Cayman from the US, including the likes of Denver, New York, Chicago, Denver and Dallas airports. Thanks to easy accessibility, Americans can enjoy a quintessential Caribbean tropical escapade in this overseas British territory just south of Cuba.

Famed for its powder-white palm-fringed beaches and warm blue ocean, Grand Cayman delivers an idyllic Caribbean spring break getaway, and is full of sumptuous seafood restaurants, colorful marine life, awesome scuba diving, and incredible island hopping experiences. Plus, spring breakers with cash to splash will also be kept happy with the abundance of duty-free, high-end shops all selling designed brands at discounted prices.

A particular favorite spring break spot is Seven Mile Beach, where, in between lazing on the sands and swimming in the sea, guests can rent kayaks and stand-up paddleboards, or try their hand at water-skiing and sailing. Furthermore, one of the very best free things to do on the island is to jump off the popular Smith’s Cove Cliff.

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9/26 Cartagena, Colombia, Is Colorful And Inviting

On Colombia’s Caribbean coast, travelers will find the port city of Cartagena. Travelers will find colorful buildings, castles and rich history and culture just by walking around the city. Visitors will find numerous bars, restaurants, and shops located in the Ciudad Amurallada or “walled city” and a 45-minute boat ride will take tourists to Playa Blanca, one of the nation’s most stunning beaches.

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8/26 Phoenix, Arizona, Is A Great Alternative For Outdoorsy Types

Travelers will find sun year-round in Phoenix, Arizona, a city known for the Desert Botanical Garden with its plethora of cacti, the iconic hike on Camelback Mountain and popular spa resorts. Tourists will also find a bunch of unique museums and the Phoenix Zoo, which is home to over 1,400 animals.

7/26 Belize Is A Nature Lover’s Paradise

Belize is rather small, but it has a ton of things to offer for someone looking to do something other than party in Miami Beach. Belize is one of the greatest places for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving, especially along Hol Chan Marine Reserve, with over 4,000 acres of coral reef, and the famous Great Blue Hole, with its underwater tunnels and caverns.

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