10 Top Adventurous Destinations For 2023

Cross some epic adventures off your bucket list in 2023 by planning a trip around some of these incredible experiences.

Ama Dablam mountain view from Nangkart Shank view point, Dingboche village, Nepal

The new year is here, and travelers are seeking a new batch of adventures to conquer. From challenging hiking tours to unforgettable wildlife encounters, there is something for everyone on this list. According to research from The Bucket List Company, these are the top 10 adventure holiday destinations for 2023.

They selected these destinations through Google research, searches on Google Ads keyword planner, ratings on TripAdvisor, and other sources.

10 Azores Hiking, Portugal

The Azores is sometimes referred to as the Hawaii of Europe, given its location in the mid-Atlantic and the abundance of lush greenery. Hiking in the Azores is a bucket-list activity for many travelers in 2023, coming in at the tenth place, according to The Bucket List Company.

9 Rafting The Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

Rafting in the Grand Canyon is sure to offer the thrill of a lifetime. These trips range from day trips to multi-day adventures where travelers experience white water rafting like never before. This is a remarkable way to see the Grand Canyon from a new perspective.

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8 Mera Peak, Nepal

Travelers who dream of summiting a mountain peak but don’t want to go on an expedition as intense as climbing Mount Everest will fall in love with Mera Peak. In eighth place, Mera Peak is considered a trekking peak in Nepal, with the summit sitting at 6476 meters above sea level. It requires minimal technical climbing and takes approximately 21 days to summit, with most tours departing from Kathmandu.

7 Annapurna Circuit Trek, Nepal

In seventh place for 2023 adventures is another once-in-a-lifetime trekking experience in Nepal, the Annapurna Circuit. The circuit ranges in length from 160 to 230 km and typically takes anywhere from 12 to 21 days to complete. It’s a challenging route due to its length, but many beginners and first-time hikers can manage the elevation gain.

6 Surfing In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an underrated travel destination that might get the attention it deserves in 2023. As an island nation in South Asia, Sri Lanka is located in the Indian Ocean and offers plenty of beaches where travelers can access great waves. Weligama, Hikkaduwa, and Ahangama are some of the most popular beaches for surfing in the country.

5 Ama Dablam, Nepal

Coming in at number five, Ama Dablam is another mountain climbing experience to look for in 2023, also located in the Himalayas in Nepal. As a fairly low-altitude peak for the region, many trekkers underestimate Ama Dablam, but it is challenging to climb. An expedition to climb Ama Dablam typically takes 30 days.

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4 Safari Experience, Tanzania

A safari in Tanzania is on most travelers’ bucket lists, and in 2023, it earns fourth place on the top 10 adventurous destinations for the year. Tanzania is home to the Serengeti, a protected ecosystem that includes Serengeti National Park. Travelers can visit Serengeti National Park on Safari and stay in gorgeous lodge-style accommodations for anywhere from a night to a week or more. Staying at a safari lodge means embarking on game drives, sometimes walking tours, and enjoying a host of amenities. Many safari lodges offer idyllic swimming pools, balconies with views of watering holes, and world-class meals and entertainment that make the experience truly memorable.

3 Three Peaks Challenge, England, Scotland & Wales

Taking the number three spot on the list is the Three Peaks Challenge in the United Kingdom, which sees travelers climbing the highest mountains in Scotland, Wales, and England in just 24 hours. Travelers who complete this challenge climb a total of 23 miles and have a total ascent of 3064 meters. The three peaks referred to in the name of the challenge are Snowdon, Ben Nevis, and Scafell Pike.

2 Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal

The Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal claims the second place spot on the list of epic adventures in 2023, and for good reason; this is one of the most challenging and exciting excursions in the world. The trek starts from Lukla, where travelers fly into the most dangerous airport in the world before embarking on a hike of approximately 15 days to the base camp at the bottom of Mount Everest and back. Along the way, they stay at charming tea houses and witness the beauty of the Himalayas.

1 Niagara Falls, Canada & USA

The top holiday adventure for the new year is none other than Niagara Falls, a collection of three waterfalls that sits at the border of Ontario, Canada, and the state of New York in the United States. One of the most popular attractions in the region, travelers come from across the US and Canada to witness these breathtaking cascades. Besides witnessing the beauty of the falls, travelers can embark on fun adventures like ziplining tours and boat rides near the falls while visiting.

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