10 Popular Vacation Spots for 2023

With colder weather settling in across much of the country, many Americans are dreaming of tropical vacations or ski chalet getaways.

American Express Travel polled 2,000 U.S. travelers in late July to identify 2023’s travel destination hotspots. The sample comprised adults with a household income of at least $70,000 who typically travel by air at least once a year.

The survey came up with a variety of destinations that will satisfy the wanderlust of just about anyone looking for an ideal getaway. It won’t be news that many American travelers plan to spend their vacation time in Europe next year. Others will fly across the Pacific to take in the glories of Oceania. Still others will stay closer to home, enjoying the bounties of different states, or hop across the southern border.

See the gallery for 10 destinations sure to be popular in 2023, according to American Express Travel.

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