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Every person is required to have an insurance cover since by the help of a good insurance one is able to get the necessary cover in case of anything that might result to anybody injury especially an accident.

The rise of technology has greatly led to the rise of information and technology, and this has in turn also contributed to the increased number of platforms which mainly offer insurance services for both of the insurance users and those people who provide various insurance services and this has grown to a larger extent despite many people thinking that insurance is not an extremely innovative or exciting industry.There are various insurance services innovative information technology insurance services that re-offered by many insurance organizations. Some of the insurance services that are offered by the companies that have risen in terms of technology that is the innovative insurance services include the following in details.The first insurance service that is mostly offered by many companies and other insurance service organizations is the pay as you drive insurance service. Calculation of the driving profiles of the individual drivers is very much promoted by this type of an insurance service and hence this is one of the reasons why the individual; drivers are advised to get this insurance service.

Pay as you drive is also a very important insurance service that is helpful as they also help in rewarding and promoting a secure driving while tracking and increasing premiums on dangerous driving styles. Those who do not adhere to the various rules and regulations that are meant for the drivers during the driving activity are forced to pay much or higher premiums by the pay as you drive insurance service.The other type of an insurance service offered by most of the technology advanced companies is the social bench marking insurance. This type of an insurance service providers is very important in allowing consumers to analyze only a subset of prices, which are based on the insurance provider’s data as compared to how it helps its providers and hence because of this reason it is more useful to the users of the insurance as compared to the providers of the insurance.

The other reason as to why the social bench marking insurance service is encouraged or recommended is because it offers premiums whose data are independent and consumer-generated across all the people, organizations or companies offering or providing the insurance services. A social benchmark as an insurance service is much encouraged since consumers can share information about their insurance spending and hence they can access the collective experience of other consumers

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