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How the Body Reacts When You Consume Weed

A majority of people are indulging in smoking weed, and the numbers are a bit higher than compared to the past where the numbers were low. You will find out that the people who consume weed are of the same age and that makes other peers start smoking it also. The situation of the user and how often they smoke cannabis are the two main determinants of how long weed stays in their system. You have to note that the chemicals that arise from the consumption of weed increase with the increase of marijuana. In case there has been a prolonged usage of marijuana, then that means that the levels of the chemical of the drug are also higher and that makes it hard for those chemicals to run out of the system.

As an individual, how fast you clean your blood system varies from one person to the next. The levels of absorption of weed into the system also varies whereby you will find for some people the metabolization is fast. There is no single factor that is responsible for effects of marijuana staying for long in the system. You will know how toxic your system is from analyzing your urine. Urine testing remains one of the cheapest methods around for the chemical found in cannabis, and it also produces accurate results. Urine testing also goes ahead, and tests for tetrahydrocannabinol carboxylic acid that is found in the system and this usually means that the chemical has reacted with the body.

The time that is taken to process the chemical is variant on how often you consume the cannabis. Usually, the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol is deposited in the body fat and thus accumulates in the body over time. The effects of marijuana can still be felt regardless of the consumption, and this includes smoking, eating or vaping. Also, the more you take marijuana, the longer it will be detectable in your system. Apart from urine testing of chemical found in cannabis, the other method is through the use of saliva.

You need not be worried when you want to find out how weed stays in your blood when you are using the other method of saliva because it is for a short while. In most instances, this is the method which is used by police officers on the road for users of cannabis. You can still test positive of marijuana effects one day after the consumption because the metabolites will be present in the saliva. You can wait for seven days then have a saliva test for marijuana because the effects are gradual.

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